Technologist Women Platform – 2020

It is a non-profit platform that operates to raise the Technology & Digital Literacy level of women, improve their knowledge and skills in the field of technology, support their employment in technology-related professions of the future, and inspire women who are role models in technology.

Our aims:

  • To increase the technology literacy level of women,
  • To take a role in the participation of women as experts in the technology fundamentals of the future,
  • To cooperate with relevant organizations to increase the technology awareness of women and to contribute to the achievement of gender equality,
  • To organize activities that will inspire women to be more involved in future professions,
  • To organize training, workshops, seminars and similar interactive organizations to bring women and men working in the technology sector together,
  • To get the support of organizations that produce technology-related products and services,
  • Strengthening female students’ ties with technology and supporting their education in the field of technology,
  • To support female students in the field of technology by taking part in national and international organizations and to meet with role model mentors.
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