LearnAthon – 2021 Experience of #Turkey! : To be hopefully for #stemgirls #technologistwomen !

Hello, valuable #cisconetworkingacademy community members from the whole world. I want to share my students and my academy “LearnAthon – 2021” experience and also my happiness. The name of my academy is Habitat Derneği. It is one of the powerful organization which is working so hard to create #socialimpact and #socialvalue in the #Turkey ecosystem. […]

Technologist Women Platform!

I launched the Technologist Women Platform in May with my dear dynamic team members. The first project of our platform is the ‘Digital Mother’ that is supported by the European Union (EU) and Sivil Düşün. Please, click on the link https://www.technologistwomen.org/ for much information about the platform and our first project ‘Digital Mother‘!

My Learning Scenario: Influential Women in Technology! is Published!

My learning Scenario for teachers published on ‘Teaching With Europena’ Blog. ‘Influential Women in Tech! My goal is: Girls will work actively in technology.In my dream: They will say: “I work in the ICT sector“, “I work as ‘Software Developer’!”, “I work as ‘Web Designer’!”, “I work as ‘Network Engineer’” and more future technology jobs…. […]

My Artifical Intelligence Training Experience in February 2019! Berlin Technical University - DAI-Labor in Germany - Fantastic!

I would like to thanks to Prof.Dr. Dr. Şahin Albayrak, Dr. Fikret Sivrikaya, and all DAI-Labor members for the great hospitality. I want to share my two weeks of training experience as a summary. In fact, I want to share my awareness of tech. I had different training sessions and different subjects but AI was […]