Who am I?

Technologist | Researcher | Educator | Author | Cybersecurity & Blockchain Enthusiast

Hi! I am Arzu Kilitci Calayır, Ph.D.

Global Learner: I believe that if you know a global language, you can be a global learner. In my opinion, in our century the most important thing is ‘want to learn and access to knowledge in the real or virtual world!’ So, to be a global learner – advice to my students 🙂

Global Teacher: I love teaching what I learned new! Especially, I love teaching new technologies. So, I am a tech! teacher 🙂

Author: I wrote three computer science books with my university teacher. It is a big honor for me! I wanted to share my knowledge with my books. Because I love sharing what I know. Especially, I love sharing my knowledge with my students 🙂

I have many kinds of individual or team achievements and continuous improvements during my teaching and learning life cycle like published books, articles about tech and education. I won four times ‘Cisco Instructor Excellence Award’ In the Middle East Cisco. I recently completed the “Apple Teacher” certification program and became an official Apple Teacher. When I look at what has been behind all of these achievements! I see that if you love your job, you can move yourself to forward for success. As a result, I believe that these educational prizes or products are the result of being dedicated to your work.

A few suggestions to new teacher candidates:) Explore your students’ skills. Explore your students’ desire in what they want to do and what they can do and how they can be successful. If you can be a good coach, they will help them to explore themselves and skills by coaching. You will be able to prepare them for life successes. In the future, they will be happy people in society. This will be your main gain as a dedicated teacher! Learning is the locomotive of teaching. So, never give up learning! 🙂

My research areas: Technology [Network, Cyber Security, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI)], Social Entrepreneurship, Gender Equality in Technology

With my best wishes, Arzu