My Learning Scenario: Influential Women in Technology! is Published!

My learning Scenario for teachers published on ‘Teaching With Europena’ Blog. ‘Influential Women in Tech! My goal is: Girls will work actively in technology.In my dream: They will say: “I work in the ICT sector“, “I work as ‘Software Developer’!”, “I work as ‘Web Designer’!”, “I work as ‘Network Engineer’” and more future technology jobs…. […]


DO MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEMS DEGREE PROGRAMS MEET THE NEEDS OF THE SECTOR? Developments in information and communication systems affect management policies and the role of these systems in the management. The purpose of this paper is to investigate whether management information systems and business informatics degree programs, which train students for management of information systems […]

6th International Conference on “Innovations in Learning for the Future” 2016: Next Generation October 24-26, 2016, İstanbul, TURKEY

Prof.Dr. Selim Yazıcı , Merve Koçoğlu, Arzu Kilitci Google Course Builder is also beneficial for teachers too. It provides integration with various applications very easily. It is compatible with multimedia such as text, pictures, videos, and simulations. Videos from Youtube can be embedded or their link can be given without any problem. It has a […]

6th International Conference on “Innovations in Learning for the Future” 2016: Next Generation October 24-26, 2016, İstanbul, TURKEY

[1] Asts. Prof. Zerrin Ayvaz Reis, Istanbul University [2] Arzu Kilitçi, Istanbul University [3] Doğan Aydın, Bahçeşehir University [4] İpek İli Erdoğmuş, Kadir Has University Abstract: This study was carried out with 6 students who have learning disabilities in a special education class in a vocational school in Turkey. This study aims to investigate whether web-based […]

Before & After

TV & Computers Before and Now TV and computers which is importance TV or computers were in the past time and now. As far as I’m concerned, when TV had been invented many years ago people thought that it was an incredible invention in the world. Indeed it was. But nowadays we particularly agree with […]


A MISTY DAY                 Last Monday was a different Monday from others. In fact, I got up early, had my breakfast and dressed in quickly. There was nothing unusual, but “for now”.  I came out of the house. As I was walking, I could see only the street lights through the fog. I was really […]


WHO MADE A MISTAKE? Last year, my teacher said, “I will award the best homework”. Incredibly, I had been winning for five months. But, I didn’t win last month. I had come home and told my father. He surprised. Suddenly, he called my teacher and shouted “Where is my prize!?? You made a big mistake!!!” […]