The Middle East/ Saudi / Turkey / North Africa Region (Instructor Excellence Expert Award) – 2018

Instructor Excellence Award - ToMe:)2018

The Cisco Networking Academy program is great!😍Why! We have been writing success stories for many years📚WHO ARE WE?How? We have been touching people’s heart by technology✌We have training too many students as global it experts💻Also; We have been supporting diversity and equality in tech🎨 For this reason, we have been encouraging women in tech! Especially for network and network security, jobs 🙆 As a result! Because of these reasons! Big thanks to all the Cisco Academy community for this award! It is very meaningful for me😍I am extremely honored to be the recipient of the 2018 Cisco Networking Academy Instructor Excellence Award 🙇 and absolutely happy to be sharing it with my Academy and Academy members…

In my opinion, a lovely future is possible with lovely technology followers and communities sharing technology and influences whole the world, like Cisco Academy🌍

Note: Who are we 🙂 Students – Teachers- Managers – I – You – They…ALL THESE MEAN ‘WE’ 🙂

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