GIRLS IN ICT DAY CELEBRATION 2014 – TURKEY – Our Project Team Won Competition!

OUR PROJECT: “The Disabled” WINED!

Obstacles Overcame with IT Girls!

Girls in ICT Day – Project / Idea Competition – 2014” organized by Cisco and our project which we prepared in order to contribute to the lives of the disabled, won the first prize.

I share the phases of our project process and the content of our project 🙂 Thank you, Girls 🙂

Cisco – GIRLS IN ICT DAY – 2014


SUBJECT of Our Project!

We have determined the project subject as a result of brainstorming with my 5 female students who are studying in the field of Information Technologies.

Girls Designed wristband for the Blind!

The AIM of our project!

Our aim is to contribute to the quality of life of the blind and facilitate their adaptation to society.

The GOALS of our project!

🏆 Easy access to technology for the blind,

🏆 Increasing communication much more with the world through the internet network for the blind,

🏆 Facilitating transportation for the blind,

🏆 The wristband provides to use voice and internet networks easily by only one touch. It provides make an easy connection to social life through ONE BUTTON via on it,

🏆 Making the services offered by technology more effective for the blind,

🏆 Ensuring a safe life for the blind by using technology, (The Blind are registered in the system and their movement logs keep daily in server systems)

🏆 Strengthening communication with society and ensure its continuity (Communication – sharing the location information of the devices with other the blind’s devices and make friendships)

🏆 The device has a simple design. It is a very useful device with the help of voice commands,

🏆 The blind can make research on the internet, access audio contents, and use the entertainment environment on their own.

It is time to make real our Prototype!

🏆 The design of the wristbands should be made in different colors and models,

🏆 Electronic hardware and chip should be prepared,

🏆 Software and hardware infrastructure should prepare to enable server and wristband communication,

🏆 It should be offered to the service of the blind by establishing a private call center. It should help to solve hardware or software problems. When the blind want to buy wristbands, they should buy them easily from stores that sell electronic equipment.


“The Disabled” WON! – Obstacles are overcome with IT girls!

“The Disabled” WON! – Obstacles are overcome with IT girls!

Girls are producing with technology!

Girls are designing effectively technology devices with little materials!

Girls are having fun while they are producing!

Girls are preparing a prototype of the wristband!

The Prototype of the wristband is Ready!

The girls are ready and excited for the presentation!

Our presentation overcame barriers and won the prize!

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