We celebrated ICT DAY in Turkey. I was one of the panelists of the in “Girls in ICT Day Celebration – Turkey 2015” event which was organized by collaboration Cisco and Vodafone companies. This event was quite meaningful and exciting for me. Because, when I was in high school, I decided to choose a technology-related job. My influencer was a film and its engineer actor 🙂 So, I believe that influencers are very important for young people as a personal experience 🙂

In the event, all the panelists shared their experiences and success stories with great enthusiasm. We told our success stories very clearly. All of us expressed our struggles to have a tech job as a woman in society. IT candidate girls listened to us very carefully. Then, they asked smart questions. It was an interactive and beneficial panel.
How was excited being told what was my struggle for being has a tech job. is!

I would like to thank Deniz Ülgüray Sungurlu again for the invitation and giving me a chance to be an influencer to young girls. In front of the bright, young and tech-savvy Z generation girls, I told my ‘tech life journey‘. it was awesome!!

I wish that the activities that will increase women’s employment in IT will be adopted and repeated by different companies.


May, 2015

Post Author: Arzu Kilitci Calayır

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