My Cisco Networking Academy Instructor Trainer (ITQ) Career Path :)

Instructor Trainer Qualification (ITQ)

Instructor Trainers train NetAcad Instructors at ITCs. If a Cisco Academy Instructor is interested in becoming a candidate for the Instructor Trainer designation, he/she should follow the steps for the qualification process: 

  • Be nominated by a Cisco-authorized ITC 
  • Achieve and maintain industry certification associated with the Networking Academy curriculum 
  • Complete Instructor Trainer application 
  • Take and pass the pretest 
  • Pass a full day face-to-face evaluation, scheduled and delivered by a member of the Cisco Technical Advocacy team 
  • If candidates pass the face-to-face evaluation they will receive an official Cisco Networking Academy Instructor Trainer Certificate
  • In order for qualified Instructor Trainers to teach Cisco Academy instructors, they must be affiliated with a Cisco authorized ITC
  • For a future release, the role of Instructor Trainer will be visible to all on the learning management system and the Instructor Trainer will be able to create and post Cisco Academy Instructor classes in the system
  • If Instructors do not successfully complete the evaluation, they are able to reapply after a six-month period

Qualification Renewal Process 

Once qualified, in order to maintain Instructor Trainer status, the following is required: 

  • Requalify every three years concurrent with industry recertification. Instructor Trainer status will expire on the industry certification renewal date unless it is kept current and is reported through the correct processes 
  • Teach at least one instructor class every 12 months (coteaching would also qualify) 
  • Associate with at least one ITC 

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