Last Monday was a different Monday from others. In fact, I got up early, had my breakfast and dressed in quickly. There was nothing unusual, but “for now”.  I came out of the house. As I was walking, I could see only the street lights through the fog. I was really surprised because I didn’t see a foggy day before. While I was walking, I heard a banging noise suddenly and I felt scared. I wondered what had happened. I turned back and saw that two cars were flaming in the fire. It was unbelievable. I feel petrified. I couldn’t move for two minutes. After that, I realized that I had to do something, while the people were screaming for “HELP!” So, I called the police for help. While I was explaining the situation to them, the fire brigade came and put out the fire. Also, the ambulance rushed to help. Three staffs got off the ambulance immediately. They took wounded passengers from cars. They carefully carried them into the ambulance. I was surprised because I was watching everything. And then a policeman shouted”Dismiss!” to the people. I shivered and noticed that I was late for school. So, I began to run. I was two hours late. But, when I arrived at school, most of my classmates were late too. In the class, everybody was talking about the foggy weather. I wanted to share what I had witnessed with my best friend. But, I couldn’t see her in the class. I asked the teacher” Where is Amora ?” She said ”Unfortunately, ”she is at the hospital! She had a traffic accident, while she was coming to school. Don’t worry about her. She is well now. “I was shocked.

After all, the day came to the end. But, I never forget the foggy day and how I felt. So, I can say that I don’t like foggy days. Because they cause many terrible accidents.



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