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TV and computers which is importance TV or computers were in the past time and now. As far as I’m concerned, when TV had been invented many years ago people thought that it was an incredible invention in the world. Indeed it was. But nowadays we particularly agree with them. Because technology develops fast. Sometimes, we forget our TV which is generally our living rooms. We prefer to use our mobile devices as all in one device (TV, telephone, calendar e.t.c) every moment where we can use.

When I was a child, TV was the most valuable device in our home which wasn’t colorful. So, I would have imagined television image as colorful, if I had watched TV. Imaging color of film actors or actress clothes and imaging a tables’ color etc. In fact, you must have imagined everything.  Actually, it was absolutely difficult. But today, most TV has 3D technology. Because of this technology, you are not only watching, you feel like your living room in the film. And you can touch everything which is in the film. Really, the feeling is amazing.

After inventing TV, technology had introduced us to computers. Computers which were taken place in our lives. In the past, if you had wanted to buy a computer, you would have had a lot of money. Because they were definitely expensive. There were only a few people who afford to buy a computer. Generally, people had been watching computers in films. Especially, there was a film which was affected by my job selection in 1990.  This film was ‘mission: impossible’. When I had watched it, I decided to be good at using a computer like in the film actor who was using a computer efficiently to solve the problems. This film had played a big role in my life.  I had watched the film after I admired to an actor who had a big black mobile computer. Anyway, today most of the people use computers as a mobile device at work, at home and everywhere. Certainly, they are more capable than older ones. We use different type of computers in so many areas. Most people accept that computers are very beneficial devices. They make our lives easier. But, on the other hand, they could cause serious health problems.

According to scientists, we must know how we can protect ourselves from harm of computers and technology. If we weren’t protecting ourselves, they would bring us face to face different and unexpected health problems. When I was a child, I used to play with my friends outside, but now children prefer to play computers games at home. So, children live in the artificial world much more real world. Fortunately, I didn’t use to play artificial games. For example, I remember climbing to trees as a child, playing my toys which were made of knitting by my grandmother.

Unfortunately, some of the children are computer game addict now. In my opinion, it is global warming. So, we should learn to protect our children. Nowadays, it is very major. But, it will be more major in the future.

Eventually, the more play outside for example parks, the less depressive children. If we redirect them to parks or nature, we will have so happy society and the world.

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2.11.2017 – Twin English Center – London – ENGLAND

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