Cisco CyberOps Certification - 2018


Hello, I was the guest of the ‘Informatics Professional Conversations Fatih series of the distinguished instructor Fatih Gök. I had the opportunity to talk about the process of getting acquainted with the computer, Network as the current occupational value and Network Security for those who will invest in the future.I would like to thank Fatih […]

My Live Broadcast on Instagram!

On May 31, I was the guest of the live broadcast of ISMEK IT School. In a short period of time, I made a big effort for sharing much information about the Cisco Networking Academy. There was time limiting on Instagram 🙂 I would like to thank İSMEK Social Media Team again for the this […]

The Middle East/ Saudi / Turkey / North Africa Region (Instructor Excellence Expert Award) – 2018

The Cisco Networking Academy program is great!😍Why! We have been writing success stories for many years📚WHO ARE WE?How? We have been touching people’s heart by technology✌We have training too many students as global it experts💻Also; We have been supporting diversity and equality in tech🎨 For this reason, we have been encouraging women in tech! Especially […]

Winner!İSMEK Cisco Academy! The Middle East ! Our Success Story! Cisco Networking Academy Regional Spotlight Awards!

When we began to teach Network curriculum in Ismek Academy, we had had only one instructor and one class but now we have much more than one instructor and class. Our institute believes that everybody has a right to free charge tech education. So, we offered a free charge education opportunity for people who want to […]